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About the possibilities of art and culture, and about my activities, far more can be said than this website can accommodate. Please do not hesitate to contact:
+31 20 69 45 479
+31 61 47 19 353

Weesperzijde 20, 1091 EB Amsterdam, The Netherlands

KvK 34 33 17 07

vat/btw-id NL001294.919.B.01

This is one side of my business-card with an image of the greatest workshop you can imagine, the constellation l' Atelier du Sculpteur. A metapfor of the endless space an artist could wish. It represents the symbol of my view on art and my field of activity.

A set of four lines forms my artistis universe:
- collaboration & projects
- public space, landscape & infrastructure
- curating & writting
- sculpture, drawing & photography

They shape like a constellation one complex unity and don't forget much more space is included between and outside those lines to discover, to research, to experiment and to see the work of colleagues.